Male Breast Liposuction / Gynecomastia

Got Man Boobs?

One of the most embarrassing body issues for which men seek our help is the dreaded man boobs. Even obese men who have large bellies tell us that they are okay with the stomach but that the chest makes them feel very self-conscious. The more professional term for man boobs is gynecomastia or pseudogynecomastia (depending on whether it is mostly breast tissue or fat). This is a fairly common condition in men which can be a genetic as well. Man boobs can make everyday social situations awkward, from going to the gym to intimacy to finding shirts that fit. 

Our preferred method of liposuction for the male chest is a combination of SmartLipo and tumescent laser liposuction. We have found this to be, far and away, the most effective and safe procedure for this area. Unfortunately, diet and exercise may not be enough for the fat “programmed” into this area. However, with our new technologies, you can now get the problem taken care of without dangerous general anesthesia or excessive pain or downtime

The combination of Smartlipo and tumescent laser liposuction on this area is safe, the recovery process is quick and the results are amazing.

Here is how it works!

A local anesthetic is used to numb the area. No dangerous general anesthesia or IVs are used. Tiny incisions are made, allowing the doctor to introduce a lase fiber that works to melt both fat and breast tissue. Once it is melted, the waterjet cannulas are introduced and the melted fat is washed away along with some additional softened fat. However, using the water jet cannulas instead of traditional liposuction scraping cannulas allows for a much more gentle procedure and much smoother results. All procedures are performed on site at our state-of-the-art office in Long Island, NY. This permanent procedure produces noticeable results, leaving you with a more sculpted, well-defined manly chest.

  • The procedure only takes about one hour.
  • Liposuction done with the water assisted liposuction and tumescent laser liposuction techniques reduces fat and breast tissue and simultaneously tightens skin leaving a more defined, masculine physique. 
  • There is minimal little discomfort after the procedure for most patients. The tiny incisions have are almost always virtually invisible after a few months.
  • Water assisted liposuction and tumescent laser liposuction are performed with only light sedation, and most patients are back at work in one to two days.


Why choose male breast liposuction with water assisted liposuction or laser liposuction techniques? 

Male breast reduction with these techniques boosts confidence and leaves you with a more masculine physique, permanently. Once these fat cells are removed, they will not grow back and they are gone, forever. This procedure is often described as life-changing by our patients. The new water assisted liposuction and laser liposuction combination treatments now allow for better results and less downtime. Even better, there is no need to go under risky general anesthesia.

What can I expect from the procedure? 

water assisted liposuction and tumescent laser liposuction are performed on-site in our safe, state-of-the-art office, so there are no additional fees. Patients are lightly sedated with a few pills but remain awake and coherent throughout the procedure. The procedure is relatively simple. Patients are numbed around the chest and then tiny incisions are made on either side to introduce a laser fiber that melts fat and breast tissue. Once this is done, the water jet cannulas are introduced and the melted fat is washed away. Washing the fat away is far less abrasive then traditional fat scraping and crushing which is done with traditional liposuction. The procedure usually takes about one hour and patients are able to walk out of the office with a newly sculpted body and refined image. Patients are not permitted to drive, however. Each patient will need to be picked up after the procedure and driven home. 

Am I a good candidate for male breast reduction?

If you have man boobs, you are a great candidate for water assisted liposuction and tumescent laser liposuction. There are some cases of what is known as true gynecomastia in which results may be somewhat limited. However, there is still usually still significant improvement possible. Only a physical exam by the doctor can determine if the breast contains to much excess glandular tissue to give adequate results. 

Will I have any scars or sagging skin? 

The incisions for this procedure are tiny and will be invisible or nearly invisible within a few months. They heal very quickly after the procedure. Men under the age of 60 with good skin tone will not notice any sagging skin – the water assisted liposuction and tumescent laser liposuction procedures are specifically designed to promote skin-tightening effects as the fat is removed. 

Will this procedure change my nipples? 

No, this procedure will not change the size, color, or placement of your nipples.

What if I do not want to be totally awake during my procedure?

We NEVER use general anesthesia for liposuction procedures because we feel it is simply unsafe. However, we do offer the option to do the procedure under “Twilight” which is essentially a slightly stronger form of sedation than the usual relaxing pills we provide for you. This type of sedation is EXTREMELY safe and adds virtually no additional risk the way general anesthesia does. Please let us know if this is something that you wish to discuss.

To learn more about Male Breast Reduction Liposculpting or Gynecomastia and the benefits of water assisted liposuction or tumescent laser liposuction, please call our office for a complimentary consultation about Male Breast Liposuction with our doctor.